Thursday, March 22, 2012

JSColor: HTML color picker

You may want to show color code via HTML color picker in a HTML form. You can use JSColor, a Javascript and HTML color picker.  You can download JSColor from:

After you download JSColor Javascript, you can call jscolor.js
<script type="text/javascript" src="jscolor/jscolor.js"></script>

Depending on the styles you want you can class="color" in your input tag, example:

<p> This field can be left empty: <input class="color {required:false}">
<p> This field accepts any value: <input class="color {adjust:false}">
<p> Hash symbol:                  <input class="color {hash:true}">
<p> Hash symbol, lowercase:       <input class="color {hash:true,caps:false}">

Try JSColor picker below via click on each box and select color:

This field can be left empty:
This field accepts any value:
Hash symbol:
Hash symbol, lowercase:

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