Monday, March 28, 2016

Use Youtube as screencast to record Desktop Screen

We can use Youtube as screencast to record Desktop Screen. It is free and we can directly post to Youtube.

1) Step 1: Sign-in to YouTube.  Got to Creator Studio. Click events under Live Streaming in left panel.

2) Set video a title, Change video from public to  private if you want to keep video private at the beginning,  and click the “Go Live Now”

3) If this is the first time, you will be reminded to Install the Hangouts Plugin to get started.  Click "install plugin" and run GoogleVioceAndVideoSetup.exe.

4) Click video icon to turn off webcam and unmute microphone if you want to record voice.

5) Click the Screenshare button, which is second icon  in the left toolbox. If popup, select full screen in first. If you choose other options, you may not switch between different desktop windows.

6) click Start Broadcast to start recording the screen. After finish, click to stop  Broadcast.

7) Go back Youtube Creator Studio, under Video manager, you can find the video you recorded. Change setting and publish in Youtube.

Compare to other screencast, I did not find pause button using this method,

Video:Use Youtube as screencast to record your Desktop Screen

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Norton family compromised by kill Norton family in task manager in Windows 10

If a child account in Windows 10  starts  task manager and kills Norton family, Norton family
will  not work. We need to disable standard users to kill Norton family in task manager.
a. Go to C:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe,
b. right click on the file,
c. chose properties,
d. go to the security tab
e. click on advanced,
If owner is trustedInstraller not Administrators, you need to change it to Administrator as follows
f.  Click change
g. In popup, click "Object Type", only select group
h Under "Enter object name to select"
click OK
i. back to Taskmgr  Properties windows, click Edit
j.Select Users
k  uncheck "Read and execute" and check "Read"

Now when your child login, he can not start task manager.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Microsoft Family Windows 10 Parental Controls Screen time not working and swtich to Norton family

I have windows 8,  later upgraded to  Windows 10. Parental Controls Screen time is not working anymore after upgrading. First screen time does not show correctly.  My hourly rule and block all days are not working.  I checked the solution by google.   was told that On the Start screen, right click and the find run and click, and  type C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Parental Controls and press Enter. 
 Delete all contents of the Parental Controls folder.  "
This will delete any corrupt files. Your settings will be downloaded again from the next time you sign in."
I did find settings.bin, but inside almost empty, only "{}".

I think there is a problem in Microsoft family Windows 10 parental control. Finally I switched to Norton Family.  Norton Family has  same feature Microsoft family has, but has more, although I need to pay small money each year.

Norton family premier link:

There is 30 days free trial. I am quite satisfied Norton family during trial.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Set up a child account and set screen time limit in Windows 8

1) To set up a child account in Windows 8:
a) Click start menu and click control panel
b) Click User Account, click manage another account
c) Add a new account
d) Click add a child account with email or with email account
e) Click mange family safety online or directly go to your Microsoft account online

2)Set screen time limit for child account under parental control
a) Go to your microsoft account
b)click family and click screen time and select maximum time per day your child can use computer.
you can also choose which kind of websites, apps and games your child can access.
Video: Set up a child account and set screen time limit in Windows 8

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MySQL data type timestamp auto-initialized and auto-updated

When we set MySQL data type timestamp, the default is auto-initialized. It is set to the current timestamp for inserted rows. This can be used in a column such as creation date. In PHPMyAdmin,
the attribute is empty.

When we set the attributes "on update current_timestamp" and type 'timestamp' in PHPMyAdmin,  the column is auto-updated. It is automatically updated to the current timestamp when the value of any other column in the row is changed from its current value. The column remains unchanged if all other columns are set to their current values. This can be used in a column such as modification date.

ALTER TABLE `max_term_default_ttr_lut` ADD `CreateDate` TIMESTAMP NULL DEFAULT NULL ,