Saturday, February 25, 2012

Use LG TV as a computer monitior

I have a  LG 42'' LED TV. I used it as a computer monitor too. I bought a VGA cable ($20) connect my laptop and TV, where most of laptops have VGA connectors. HDMI cable is fine too if your laptop has a HDMI port. My both HP and Toshiba Laptops have laptop ports.  In  Windows 7, go to start->Control Panel->Appearance->Display setting, you can choose using display both or using only TV as a monitor. You can also adjust screen resolution.  In TV, go to menu and change input to RGB if you use VGA cable.

I also bought an audio cable ($10) to connect the earphone in the laptop to "audio in" in TV. So the TV speakers will play the sound. I also bought a wireless keyboard ($30) to control my laptop.  With these, I am able to play YouTube videos  and create posts in my large HD TV in my sofa.

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