Friday, February 10, 2012

Add infolinks in your bloggers

I followed the instruction in infolinks about 1-minute integration:

"Use our Blogger widget to automatically add Infolinks to your pages"
I get a strange code in my blogger widget.
I have to use my another method to integrate my infolinks in my blogger:
Go to Desgin >> Edit HTML and find the following body end tag :


Add infolinks in your bloggersAnd place the code from Infolinks just before </body> above. Now click Save template.
Note </body> is very close to the bottom of the HTML file. As HTML file is very important to your blogger, it is better to save a copy before modification.
Now I successfully add my infolinks in my bloggers:
Jiansen Lu's Job Pipe and Monitoring Canadian S&P/TSX Index

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