Friday, April 18, 2014

pocketcpp - c++ interface with notepad++

pocketcpp - c++ interface with notepad++, which can be downloaded from:

pocketcpp  integrates Notepad++ and MinGW Distro (GCC 4.8.1).
For example, I installed it in
Pocket C++.bat
A notepad++ will show up and you  can use F9 key to compile C++ files,  and Ctrl+F9 to execute the compiled program, which can also be seen from Plugins->NPPExec

Change file font size of Notepad++
Settings->Style Configuration-> Global style, set font size 14, font name Arial

Change console font size of Notepad++
Plugins->NPPExec->Change console font

Another alternative  application is IDEOne. You can compile and run C++ (also PHP and more) online using IDEone

Video: pocketcpp - c++ interface with notepad++

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