Sunday, April 27, 2014

Install Nagios3 in Ubuntu

Nagios can be used to monitor your entire IT infrastructure, such as network, switch, database, CPU and security in any of your computers.
In Ubuntu,
1) sudo apt-get install nagios3
2) To avoid error in service nagios3 start
sudo /etc/init.d/nagios3 stop
sudo /etc/init.d/nagios3 start

3) Remember nagiosadmin and its password
4) In you hostname/nagios3, for example
to start
nagios monitoring
Note: the following may need to be changed before nagios start
edit /etc/nagios3/nagios.cfg
edit /etc/groups
add www-data at the end of nagios group
chmod g+x /var/lib/nagios3/rw/
chmod g+x /var/lib/nagios3

Video:  Install Nagios3 in Ubuntu

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