Monday, November 25, 2013

Hide some of dropbox folder in Windows 7

When you install dropbox in Windows 7, it will create a dropbox folder in your Windows 7 and sync to dropbox.  You may not want some of your security files stay in your local computer. To hide some of the local dropbox folder in Windows 7, there are two ways:
Method 1:
1) Go to  system tray at the bottom menu of Windows 7, click dropbox  icon,   a menu popup, click gear icon at top right,  click preferences, the click advanced,  click selective sync and choose the folder you want to show in Windows. The unchecked folder will be deleted from your local computer.
2) But local dropbox folder  is still  linked to your dropbox account. You many need to got to preference, and click Accounts and click "unlink to computer"
 Method 2:
1) Log in to your dropbox account,   go to Settings and click Security, find your PC name and
click unlink.  The dropbox folder in local PC is still there, but no more updated. You can delete some of directories which you do not want to show.
Video:  Hide some of dropbox folder in Windows 7

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