Thursday, November 21, 2013

Find stored passwords in Filezilla ftp client

Filezilla ftp client stores around 8 quick connections for you, but passwords are hidden. Those passwords can be found in Filezilla configuration directory.  For example  in my Windows 7 PC:
open file (replace jiansen to your user name)
You can see something like this:


The password is stored inside pass tag in recentservers.xml file.

Sometimes Appdata directory is hidden, To unhide this directory,  under \user\jiansen\ (replace jiansen to your user name),  click organize at top left menu,  click folder and search options, click view, select  "show hidden files , folders and drives) and click OK.

Another way to find Appdata folder in Windows 7:
Click Start and in search box enter:
The Appdata directory will show up.

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