Monday, August 6, 2012

Some HTML5 web templates for free Download

In the past few years, web designers had already started to pay attention and use of HTML5 a, and now HTML5 has been more widely used abroad have been produced based on HTML5 website. Here I will list some   sophisticated site templates based on HTML5 and CSS3.

1. Software (Free):

Software is a very delicate enterprise products based on HTML5 and CSS3 web site templates, free download.

2. Vivid Photo (Free):

Vivid Photo is an elegant photography website templates for photographers or photographers friends.

3.Hope Center (Free)

4. Androidian (Free)

5. Blue Band (Free)

The Blue Band is a very cool music theme HTML5 and CSS3 web site template.

6. Life Book (Free)

This template is suitable as a blog, it is similar to Wordpress theme.

7 Mr. Hurley (Free)

8. Coffee Cols (Free)

9. Acallia (Free)

10. Serenity (Free)

11. Thom Sander (Free)

12. Superior (Free) and  Think Simple (Free)

This is an appropriate corporate website HTML5 and CSS3 web site template.

13 Im Creatives (Free)

14 Design Studio (Free)

15. Ost Magazine (Free)

16. Deliccio (Free)










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