Friday, August 31, 2012

Aptana Studio - Alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver

If you can not afford Adobe Dreamweaver, you can try Aptana Studio.  Aptana Studio is an open source web design software can can be downloaded from:
 Aptana Studio 3 can be used to  build, edit, preview and debug HTML, CSS and JavaScript websites with PHP and Ruby on Rails web development. It supports HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP and Python.

Example 1: test JavaScript file in Aptana Studio:

1) Run  Aptana Studio
2) Create a project "test" using web-project template.
3) You can see index.html.  Under index.html, right click mouse and create new file called test1.js
4) Edit index.html, add line
    <script type="text/javascript" src="test1.js"> </script>
    between <body> and </body>
5) In test1.js,  add
alert("This is a test");

6) At the top bar of the menu, click run. This is a test popup.

Example: test PHP file in Aptana Studio in local computer
1) You can  install Apache and PHP in localhost or  install XAMPP:
To install XAMPP:
2)Run  Aptana Studio.  Select (or switch) workspace to C:\xampp\htdocs or the web server root location
3) Create File -> new PHP project and a new PHP file such as test2.php:


Right click test2.php, Click Run As->Run Configuration.
A Window popup,  Under server, select base url and type http://localhost or whatever the server address (if remote server, you need to setup ftp and publish)
And select Append project name, and click run
4) I found that directly click run at the top menu bar not working. I need to use "run as".


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