Thursday, July 19, 2012

html code in SEO optimization

There are a few tips for HTML code in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

1. <h1> </ h1> has a higher weight  in search engines.

2. <a href="" target="_blank" title=""> </ a>The title part of the hyperlink can be a lot of accumulation Keyword ~ ​​~ This place is easy to search crawler to find ~ ~~This accumulation of keywords, link to this

3, <img src="" title=""> title attribute in this tag can also be the accumulation of a large number of keyword search engine can also be found, the search engine can only recognize words

4. Title tag of <caption> this table </ caption> permissions on the search engine is relatively high

5, <iframe> </ iframe> is not very friendly to search engines.
Do not use this label.
6 <title> </ title> html document title part of the large accumulation of additional information in the document keywords to search engine optimization, search engine will crawl and careful use

7 <meta> tag<meta name="keywords" content=" a lot of key words here"> absolutely important.The <meta name="Description" cotent=""> description can be the accumulation of 80 charactersGoogle is the accumulation of 79 characters

<meta name="robots" content=>|Here are six options:index can be indexed by search enginesthe noindex may not be indexed by search enginesfollow search engine links on the page to find other pagesnofllow not allowed to search engines can find under the link on the page Other pagesall both can be included and you can find other pagesnone do not can be
About robots.txtThis file must be placed in the root of the site! ! The file name must be all lowercase. \Format: the User-Agent: the robot the following rules applyDisallow: pages blocked/ / This is the robots.txt of Taobao[Pre] such as: User-agent: Baiduspider
Disallow: /
User-agent: baiduspider
Disallow: /
Also: map tag <map> </ map> is not conducive to SEO optimization

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