Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Google keyword tool

There are 30 millions of websites. How to let Google search engine go through your website and attract more visitors? One of method is to use google keywords tool. you can be a synonym for the keyword and you can also provide your website URL to generate your keyword list. This will help you better choose keywords and site optimization to provide you with information.

 The Google keyword tool is extremely powerful, and completely free to use the address is:

For example, I input my url in website and type  php in Word or phrase, I found low competitive words:
PHP and,
PHP com,
PHP or,
PHP this,
in PHP,
PHP forums,
about PHP,
PHP die,
free PHP scripts,
PHP books

I also found "PHP online training" , "PHP programmer", learn PHP programming" are high competitive words.

 This will give me the key word analysis to bring a lot of useful information, and the actual Google search queries based on specific pages on my site match, but also to my ad share and search share.

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