Sunday, December 20, 2015

Microsoft Family Windows 10 Parental Controls Screen time not working and swtich to Norton family

I have windows 8,  later upgraded to  Windows 10. Parental Controls Screen time is not working anymore after upgrading. First screen time does not show correctly.  My hourly rule and block all days are not working.  I checked the solution by google.   was told that On the Start screen, right click and the find run and click, and  type C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Parental Controls and press Enter. 
 Delete all contents of the Parental Controls folder.  "
This will delete any corrupt files. Your settings will be downloaded again from the next time you sign in."
I did find settings.bin, but inside almost empty, only "{}".

I think there is a problem in Microsoft family Windows 10 parental control. Finally I switched to Norton Family.  Norton Family has  same feature Microsoft family has, but has more, although I need to pay small money each year.

Norton family premier link:

There is 30 days free trial. I am quite satisfied Norton family during trial.

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