Sunday, January 25, 2015

Remove ads agent and improve Internet security in FireFox

You may not notice there are some background ads agent running when you use Firefox even you installed Anti-virus. In the worst case, your personal information may be posted to other websites and stolen.

To check and remove  suspicious programs in your computer:

1. In Firefox, go to menu and click Add-ons, go to Extension,
enable anti-virus, go to plugins, select "never activate" or
remove suspicious programs.

2. Go to control panel,  go to programs and features, uninstall programs in Windows,  find suspicious programs installed lately (click installed on to sort by installation date)  and remove.

3. In Firefox,  go to or other address,  go to Firefox menu, click developer and click network and reload, find if your data are posted to some suspicious websites.

Video: Remove  ads agent and improve Internet security in Fire Fox

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