Sunday, February 9, 2014

Windows - schedule tasks in command line using schtasks

You may need the following schedules in Windows:
 1) every day ftp file to another computer on 11:00pm
2) every day check new files created and redirect the result to a log file
3) every day dump mysql database
4) check any malware run in schedule

You can use   schtasks in comman prompt.
1) schtasks help
schtasks /?
2) Query existing schedules
schtasks /QUERY /FO LIST   /V
3) Create a new schedule
 schtasks /create /tn TaskName /tr TaskRun /sc schedule [/mo modifier] [/d day]
 [/m month[,month...] [/i IdleTime] [/st StartTime] [/sd StartDate] [/ed EndDate]
 [/s computer [/u [domain\]user /p password]] [/ru {[Domain\]User | "System"} [/rp Password]] /?

I have ftp script: ftp1.txt
open 137.82.***.***
lcd C:\sql_dumps\mysql_admin
cd dbfile
mput *.sql

I create a executable file jiansen_ftp.bat
ftp -s:ftp1.txt

Create a schedule to run jiansen_ftp.bat every day 23:58:00
 schtasks /create /tn "myftp" /tr C:\sql_dumps\jiansen_ftp.bat  /sc daily /st 23:58:00
Video: Windows - schedule tasks in command line using schtasks

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