Saturday, January 4, 2014

Choose Flash Media Server

There are Flash Media Development Server, Flash Media Streaming Server, Flash Media Interactive Server, Flash Media Enterprise Server, Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services. The difference can be found:

The Flash Media Development Server is a free version of Flash Media Enterprise Server (around 45,000$) with limitation of  10 RTMP and 10 RTMFP.

Flash Media Development Server 4.5 can be downloaded

During installation, you do not need to input production key.

Flash Media Streaming Server (around $995) is not with RTMP.

In small to media websites which  need RTMP and recording, we  can choose  Flash Media Interactive Server (around $4500), which has feature: 500 RTMFP,  real-time communication and protect/record  media.

Only  Flash Media Server4.5 and later support IOS device streaming, which uses HTTP live streaming (HLS).

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