Friday, June 21, 2013

JavaScript: convert between units

Below is the JavaScript to convert between pound and Kg in mass:
<title>JavaScript to convert unit</title>
<h1>Convert between kg and pound in mass</h1>
<script language='JavaScript' type='text/JavaScript'>
function validate(type) {
          alert('Fill the Input box before submitting');
          return false;
    } else {
          var res0=document.form1.textinput.value;
          var unit1=" lb";
          var unit2=" kg";
          var res=2.20462*res0;
          document.getElementById("result").innerHTML=res0+unit2+" = "+res.toFixed(2) + unit1;
          var res=0.453592*res0;
          document.getElementById("result").innerHTML=res0+unit1+" = "+res.toFixed(2) + unit2;

    return false;
<form name='form1' action='' method='post'
onSubmit='return validate();'>
Input :<input type=text name=textinput size=10>
<input type=button value='Convert to Kg' onClick=validate('to_kg');>
<input type=button value='Convert to Pound' onClick=validate('to_lb');>

<div id=result></div>


Input :

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