Saturday, January 12, 2013

Using proxy to watch video outside the country

Sometimes when we watch online videos, we can see the message "the video is not allowed in your country" and the videos will not play. But we can still use proxy to watch the videos. Sometimes even less buffer time for videos when using proxies.

For example,  the videos are only allowed to be watched in China. We can find proxies in China:

We pick up the fasted one, for example:  port 80

In Firefox to watch videos:
Tools->options->Advanced->Network->Settings, select manually proxy configuration, enter the proxy IP address in HTTP proxy, also the input the port.

 In Internet Explorer  to watch videos:
Tools->Internet options->Advanced->Connections->LAN settings, select use your proxy setting for your LAN, enter the proxy IP address in address, also the input the port.

Refresh the video webpages and you are able to watch videos which are not allowed before.

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