Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some tips about exporting PowerPoint into Video

You can export PowerPoint to video without external software such as Camtasia.
1) Before exporting to the video, you can do some tuneup. You may want different timing for each slide.  Click the slide you want to set the timing. Click transition tab at the top menu and enter the time in "after" row under  Advance slide.
2) You may need to add voice. If  you add narration, your slide timings is automatically recorded.
To record your voice in each slide,  select the slide you want record, click slide show tab at the top menu, select record slideshow->record current slide. click "start recording". To end your slide show recording, right click the slide, and then click End Show.
3) Go to File tab, click "save & send" and click "Create a video",  select "Computer & HD Displays".
Select "Use Recorded Timings and Narrations".  If there is no timings and narration, the default duration after "Second to spend on each slide" will be used.

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