Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Website SEO

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization.

How Search Engine Works ?

1) Googlebot uses crawling technique via software  called  crawler or  spider to fetch all the web pages linked to a web site.
So it is better to establish as many links as possible for your websites.
2) Then search engine  index the web pages and store in a giant database  and gives a rank.
3) Display the search results.

To do Search Engine Optimization:

1) create more original good content, put each page keywords and titles.
2) submit links to open directory and search engine, exchange links to other websites.

HTML file name convention for SEO

1) Separate words with hyphens rather than underscores, it is better less than 4 words The html file name should be similar to title name.
Below is the Google site create the html file name  for me html-file-name-convention.html for my chapter title HTML file name convention 
2) sub-directory name is not important, but keep as shorter as possible.
3) HTML file size less than 101K better. Google will chop the size above it.

Although human readers prefer flash, video, frame and fancy JavaScript, search engine as a software prefers long pure text.

To do SEO for web design,
1) avoid frame  Javascript code, flash, animated gif etx
2) avoid use too many HTML elements.
3) content related to the topic and title.
4) not to use too deep directories, try to as close as the root directory.

For example my keyword is SEO, where to put this keyword?
In HTML code:
<meta name="description" content="SEO" />
<meta name="keywords" content=""SEO" />

<a href="" title="SEO">SEO keyword guide</a>
<img src="seo.gif" alt="SEO">
  <!-- SEO comment line>
<p> SEO


So we can put keywords in title, meta tag, <h1> headline, link, alt tag,  HTML comment line and body text.

How to choose keywords?
Go to : Google Keyword Tool
Type keyword or your web address, get High Competition Keywords.



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