Friday, October 5, 2012

image reflection and CoverFlow

Design image reflection and CoverFlow only using ActionScript and the images are loaded from external directory "image", image names:02.jpg,03.jpg,04,jpg,05.jpg, 06.jpg each image size 320(width)*220.
 Demo, click side images to move to the center. The source code based on greensock tweenlite library.
and summerTree library
1) Open Flash CS5, create actionscript 3.0 document, In ActionScript settings, document class: Main
2) put :02.jpg,03.jpg,04,jpg,05.jpg, 06.jpg each image size 320(width)*220 under directory image, where image directory and fla file are under the same directory
3) download greensock tweenlite, com directory and image directory are under the same directory
4) set org.summerTree library, org and com are under the same directory.
5) and the download pack can be found:

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