Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Setup a forum using phpBB

Now there are many websites can allow you create a forum. But there are too many restrictions and ads.
You can find a free host website and install a  forum for yourself.

Below are the steps I installed phpBB forum
1) Download phpBB software from:
2) Create a database in your free host website. I used
Remember database host, database name, login name and password.
3) Upload phpBB to your website, for example, I uploaded to
The default directory is phpBB3.
run index.php, in my case:
There are some tips:
a) rename .htaccess under phpBB3 and phpBB33/cache  to .htaccess.old
b) The original content of  config.php is empty. If you installed once and fail, you will see database information is added to config.php. You need to remove the content in config.php to reinstall phpBB.

4) Following the instruction step by step. After you successfully install phpBB, you need to rename install directory to such as install.old.

5) I also find default template  prosilver some problem. Text background repeated. After I choose another style subsilver2. The problem is fixed.

My new forum:

I am able to modify php code to customize my forum.

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