Friday, April 20, 2012

Remove Babylon search in Windows 7

 I did not install Babylon program. But Babylon search quietly replace my Google search when I am not aware. Previously, when I type ads in my Firefox  toolbar, the webpage is redirected to the cache of my Google Adsense.  After the Babylon toolbar is installed, the webpage is redirected to the Babylon search engine.

 I checked and found that Babylon is an advanced online/offline translation program. But It is too aggressive and I also do not need it. I decide to remove it from my computer.

To remove Babylon search is quite easy in Windows, uninstall it as a regular program.

  Go to the Start Menu. Select Control Panel,  go to program ->Program and features ->uninstall a program,  Search for Babylon in the list, right click mouse and select uninstall.

You may also need to remove it from Firefox.
  go into firefox, click on "tools", and look for "add-ons."  look for  Babylon Toolbar, and select disable or remove.  Restart Firefox.


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