Monday, January 16, 2012

TortoiseSVN for version control in software programming

TortoiseSVN a free open-source Windows client for the Apache™ Subversion® version control system. TortoiseSVN can be downloaded from:

TortoiseSVN is integrated into the Windows explorer. To use TortoiseSVN, you need to open the Window explorer and right-click any folder to bring up the command  menu. Example to use TortoiseSVN:
1) create a new folder C:\svn_repos
2) Now right click on the new folder and from the context menu choose TortoiseSVN → Create Repository here. Then click Create folder structure. A list of files and folders are created.
3) Now I want to import my project folder C:\Users\jiansen\Desktop\CAS\jiansen_dir\www_CESEI into file repository
Right-click C:\Users\jiansen\Desktop\CAS\jiansen_dir\www_CESEI
select TortoiseSVN->Import,
(Note: I did not see Import in my old folder www,
I created a new folder www_CESEI then I can not see TortoiseSVN->Import)
Under URL of repository, enter:
check Enable Auto-properties.
4) Create a new working directory for a day-to-day working directory:
Right click this folder, click SVN Checkout,
Enter the following URL to checkout:
5) Editing a file fms_connection.php in working directory:
Right click the file and select TortoiseSVN->diff and
TortoiseSVN's file compare tool starts, showing you exactly which lines have changed.
6) After you are happy with the change, right click the file and select  SVN Committee.

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